Japanese Candlesticks
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Japanese candlesticks were developed in the early 1600’s to analyze rice prices. There are many different meaningful candlestick patterns such as Doji stars, Hammers, engulfing lines, etc.

The TA Candlestick class is different from other TA classes. The IdentifyPattern function returns a Note object instead of a Recordset object. The Note object will return a value of 1, 0 or –1 (bullish, neutral or bearish, respectively) by calling the getValue function of the returned Note object and an accompanying string value identifying the Candlestick pattern (if one exists), which can be retrieved by calling the getNote function of the returned Note object.

Class: Candlestick


Public function IdentifyPattern(ByRef OHLCV As RecordSetByVal Periods As Integer) As Note


Return Type Returns object of type Note


Public Sub main()


        Dim _symbolInfo As VTLGeneral.CSymbol=ClientCode.GetSymbolByName("GOLD")

        Dim DB As New VTLGeneral.Database()

        Dim RecordCount As Integer

        Dim m_Recordset As VTLGeneral.RecordSet

        Dim _historyData As object()

        Dim output As String

        Dim Record As Integer

        Dim m_Date As VTLGeneral.Field

        Dim m_Open As VTLGeneral.Field

        Dim m_High As VTLGeneral.Field

        Dim m_Low As VTLGeneral.Field

        Dim m_Close As VTLGeneral.Field

        Dim j As Integer = 0

        Dim i As Integer = 0

        Dim _recordCount As Integer =100

        m_Recordset = DB.CreateRecord

        m_Open = New VTLGeneral.Field

        m_High = New VTLGeneral.Field

        m_Low = New VTLGeneral.Field

        m_Close = New VTLGeneral.Field

        DB.RecordCount = _recordCount

        RecordCount = _recordCount

        'Initialize Recordsets

        m_Open.initialize(_recordCount, "Open")

        m_High.initialize(_recordCount, "High")

        m_Low.initialize(_recordCount, "Low")

        m_Close.initialize(_recordCount, "Close")

        'load high, low ,open and data

         _historyData = ClientCode.GetChartHistory(_symbolInfo.ID, VTLGeneral.ENUM_PERIOD.Day,VTLGeneral.ENUM_HISTORY_TYPE.HIS_HIGH, _recordCount)

         For i  = 1 To _recordCount-1



        _historyData = ClientCode.GetChartHistory(_symbolInfo.ID, VTLGeneral.ENUM_PERIOD.Day,VTLGeneral.ENUM_HISTORY_TYPE.HIS_LOW, _recordCount)

        For i  = 1 To _recordCount-1



        _historyData = ClientCode.GetChartHistory(_symbolInfo.ID, VTLGeneral.ENUM_PERIOD.Day,VTLGeneral.ENUM_HISTORY_TYPE.HIS_OPEN, _recordCount)

        For i  = 1 To _recordCount-1



        _historyData = ClientCode.GetChartHistory(_symbolInfo.ID, VTLGeneral.ENUM_PERIOD.Day,VTLGeneral.ENUM_HISTORY_TYPE.HIS_CLOSE, _recordCount)

        For i  = 1 To _recordCount-1







        'IdentifyPattern indicator

        Dim _indNote As New VTLGeneral.Note

        Dim _candleStick As New VTLGeneral.CandleStick()

        _indNote = _candleStick.IdentifyPattern(m_Recordset,14)



End Sub


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