How to create new (Client, Account, Group and Office)
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When you start your business on VertexFx System, you will need to create (Clients, Accounts, Groups and Offices). To create any of these options, you need to go to the Navigator Window and open the account's tree and press right click on any desired group that you want to place what you are going to create, and this window will appear to you:

Then, you go to the New option, you will see four sub options to create (Client, Account, Group and Office).

New Client

When you want to open a new account for a new customer at first, you got to create a new client on the system, and that's by going to the account's tree at first, and press right click on the point of the tree that you want place this new client - choose the New option - select Client. This window will appear for you:


On this window, you will decide from the two check boxes on the top, the type of this Client (Read Only). After that, you fill all information about your client on the empty blanks, press Submit. Then you will find this new client created on your accounts tree.

  • Read Only: This option allow you to prevent your client from trading, and makes this client as limited profile, just monitoring client's open account and market watch.

See Video Tutorial




After client creation, you may create for him an Account(s). To do that, select the desired account press right click and choose New then Account, and this window will appear to you:


From this window you can see three options on the top, where you may apply any of them on the created account:

  • Locked: by this option, the account will be locked and will disable the client from any trades, a warning message appears when the client tries to make a transaction (please contact your administrator).
  • Demo Account: by this option, the account will be as a trial one and can work without confirmation from the BackOffice (i.e., the client who owns this account will be able to trade and his positions will not reach the chatting screen of the BackOffice) and all his transactions will not appear in the reports.
  • Do not liquidate: by this option, the account will not be liquidated even if this account reached the liquidation point.

1. You can choose form the first drop down list the type of the account (either Normal Account or Coverage Account). For normal end user trader, you have to use normal account, and for your coverage account (That will be used with the VertexFX Bridge system) you have to create coverage account, that represents the account you cover with, please note that you have to make manual position inside this account (coverage account) to reflect the positions in the floating status screen.

If you are using Vertexfx Bridge risk management all your covered position will be created automatically inside this account and your floating status will be balanced with all your client's position and your coverage account.

2. From the Initial Balance blank, you can enter the starting balance for this client so he can start trading on the system.

3. The Account ID blank: from here, you can enter the account ID manually if you don’t want it to be generated automatically. Otherwise, keep it Auto Select.

4. In the bottom of this window, you can see the two radio buttons, and those are for the time that you desire to create the account:

5. If you choose the Now option, the account will be created after you press Submit.

6. You can also define this account in a certain time/date by choosing the User define time/ date.

7. After you finish press on the Submit button, and the account will be created with the information that you set for that client.

See Video Tutorial


New Group

In Vertexfx system, the dealer is able to create a group and place some clients inside this group, the reason for creating this group is if the dealer has a group of clients and they have something in common with each other and this group admin wants to manage this client's account using client terminal application.

The group is logical group for your tree and your business management, you can make a group

In order to create a new group, from the Navigator Window go to the Accounts Tree and press Right Click then choose New then Group and this window will appear to you:


From this window, you will fill all the blanks with the information about this group, and then press Submit. Also, you will be able to create new clients inside it or transfer the clients to this group.

See Video Tutorial





New Office

The Office is such as the Group, but the differences here:

  • The office represents an IB (introduce broker).

  • The other difference is that you can create an account for the office. In order to create a new office, from the Navigator Window go to the Accounts Tree press Right Click and choose New then Office and a window as the following picture will appear to you:

Note: you can use client terminal application to connect using office or group login info to control your group's or office's client (There is no need to give Backoffice application to your group admin).


You can notice from the picture that there are three check boxes on the top of it, and their use as the following:

1. Demo Office: means that this office will be as a trail and can work without the confirmation of the BO.

2. Read Only: means that the office can only take a look at his tree and clients, but can’t do any transaction.

3. White Labeled: means that the office has it's own system (as sub system).

After you fill all the blanks with the information about this office, and after pressing Submit, you will be able to create new clients inside it or transfer the clients to this office.

See Video Tutorial


Edit Option

Sometimes, the dealer will need to edit some of the Office/Client information. To make any editing transaction on the accounts tree, just make right click on the desired Office/Client and choose Edit and you will see the two options: “Edit Account” and “Edit Office/Client”. As it is showing in the following picture:


  •  Edit Account: When you select Edit then Edit Account, this window will appear to you:


From here, you can edit any information about this account, and after you finish press on the Submit button to save the changes.

  • Edit Office/Client: There are two windows for this option, one for the office, and one for the client.
    • Edit Client: If you select a Client - Right Click - Edit - Edit Office/Account, this window will appear to you:


      From here, you can Edit any Information about this client, and after you finish press on the Submit button to save the changes.

    • Edit Office: If you select an Office - Right Click - Edit - Edit Office/Account, this window will appear to you:


      From here, you can edit any information about this Office, and after you finish press on the Submit button to save the changes.


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